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MetroConnect, LLC Provides Convenient Payment Options

 Payment By Phone


Request a Log-In Password 

To pay on-line, request a password at billing@mymetroconnect.com, then use Client Login

Payment By Mail

MetroConnect LLC
1079 Cephas RD.Clearwater, FL  33765

Automatic Bill Payment – For your convenience we also offer automatic bill payment.  Just takes a few minutes to set up with our office team member and we handle the rest.

Billing Information

Tax and Fees –  Your statement reflects the current taxes and fees for your area.  These taxes and fees may change without notice.

Billing Practices :

  • Invoices – MetroConnect LLC e-mails  invoices for all monthly services.
  • Due Date – A full payment is required on or before the due date indicated on the invoice. Net 15 Terms
  • Penalty – Effective July 31, 2019 accounts not paid by the Due Date indicated on the current invoice will be subject to a penalty charge per day until payment is paid in full.
  • Disconnect –  Failure to pay in full by the 10th day after the Due Date listed on the Invoice will result in disconnection of service.  A Re-connection Fee will be charged.
  • Customer shall be responsible for all costs incurred in collecting any amount past due.

Business Location:

  •  E911 – MetroConnect LLC customers are responsible to notify MetroConnect  with any change in location of the Telephone System. Delay in notification of  location update can cause delay in emergency services due to inaccurate addresses.  During your transition of locations, if emergency services are required , we request that you confirm with E911 Dispatcher the address requesting emergency services.
  • Interruption of Service – Please contact MetroConnect LLC at least ten (10) days before your scheduled move of your telephone system to the new location.   Our team will work with your company to reduced service down time.

E-Mail Address – MetroConnect’s Monthly Invoices are sent via E-mail. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify MetroConnect of any e-mail change.  If you would like to add an additional recipient, please send the information to billing@mymetroconnect.com 

For questions or concerns, please contact MetroConnect by e-mail or call our office 727-400-3171

MetroConnect, LLC

1079 Cephas Road,
Clearwater, FL 33765

Phone: 727-400-3171

Web: mymetroconnect.com