Yealink GXP2160 phone system 

MetroConnect’s Phone Features

Caller ID
Identify who is calling directly on your phone

Call Flow Control
Easily control your business hours for your phone system.

Call Parking
Place calls in a parking lot with an assigned number as if on hold, however, this parked call can be picked up by any user on any phone within the phone system. This is especially useful in a situation where the phone call’s intended recipient is unable to get to their specific phone to assume to call.

Call Forwarding
Redirect calls which would usually originate at a given location to another extension, phone number, IVR or other destination.

Call Recording
Allows users to record conversations using their phones constantly or on demand.  * Some jurisdictions/countries do not allow a call to be recorded without prior consent, please check your local laws before recording a phone call.*

Call Reporting
Get detailed statistics on the all phone calls in a graphical interface with multiple filter methods.

Paging & Intercom
Support for group paging through your phone handsets or integration through your overhead paging system.

Company Directory
Allows your customers to find people in your organization easily and connect directly to their extension.

An Interactive, Auto-Attendant feature which direct incoming callers to their destinations using a simple push button menu.

Do Not Disturb
When enabled on a handset it will automatically reject all incoming calls, directing them to the user’s “busy” voicemail.

Soft-Phone Support
Make or receive calls on your computer.

Multiple locations
Multiple offices, branches, etc, can be on the same phone system flawlessly regardless of their geographical locations.

Unlimited Extensions
Create an unlimited number of user extensions.

Voicemail to email attachment
Receive your voicemail messages via email.

Music on Hold
Play music to callers on hold. Additionally, different music can be played depending on which queue a caller is in.

Call Queues
Places callers into an on-hold queue to be answered by the next available representative based based on a priority system. Especially useful when dealing with large call volumes.

Ring Groups
Apply a single dialed extension to a group of user extensions, such as sales group, customer service group etc.