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Behold the future of telecommunications: VoIP is taking over and you don’t want to be left behind. This cutting-edge technology will allow your company to reduce phone lines, eliminate a second infrastructure to support, plus create a more streamlined process for communication with outside parties.  VoIP technology has been proven time and again as an efficient solution that anyone can use! We have got it all; our Executive Business Phone System comes loaded with high-end features – custom designed just for your business needs so you’re ensured success right from day one. We offer customized systems that are designed to grow with your business. Our products also come in handy for remote office set-ups and can save you money over the long run when compared to old phone setups. Our price plans are intended to save you meaningful dollars over your old system and enhance call flow features. Perfect office phone systems for small business to multilevel corporations.

Our Technicians will perform a no obligation suitability and technology evaluation of your company. We listen as you discuss the current call flow, options for new system features that are needed given anticipated future growth needs so that we can help determine what kind of telecommunication equipment is best suited for  your business located in Clearwater, FL or it’s surrounding area.  Multiple hosted VoIP phone service price plans options to choose from.

Cloud 9 Phone Systems Package

MetroConnect’s Cloud 9 Package comes with NO up-front costs.  Phones, PoE Switch, Installation, Programing and Training included for the cost of monthly hosting. Our customers are thrilled with the Cloud 9 Package.  Perfect for new business just launching or existing  small – medium sized businesses.

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Phone System Purchase

Prefer to purchase your phone system upfront? Our team member can help you decide on the perfect system for your business, equipped with the features you desire plus the technology required to keep it running smoothly. Our cost saving monthly hosting plan will be specifically designed for your phone system and expected call flow.

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Hosted VoIP Phone Service

Have an existing VoIP Phone System that you like but need a new carrier? Most  brands of VoIP telephones, also know as IP Phones will work on our system.  Let’s discuss your current problems, compare our Hosted Phone Service Packages then see how wet can provide you the service you expect from a phone company.

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Top Four Reasons Why Our Phone Systems Are Being Embraced By Tampa Bay Businesses


Compare the cost!

Drastically reduce your phone bill over traditional phone systems!


Portability of the system.

Imagine, wherever there is internet, you can have your phone.


Improved Quality Systems

Improved bandwidth, better IP phones, Routers, Switches brings clarity and reliability.


Additional features

Your IP phone is like a computer and it can be programmed with many features.

Business Phone Systems

What Is The Difference Between Phone Systems?

There are really two types of phone systems, an analog system which most people think of as the traditional landline system utilizing copper wire that the telephone company brings up to your house or office. Then you have the modern system that is a VoIP Business Telephone Systems utilizing your internet connection. The technology that makes this work is called VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.

In essence VoIP digitizes the sound and sends it out over the internet and when it gets to the recipient turns the digitized data in a voice. Most believe that VoIP is the future of telecommunications, internet business phone systems. Why would businesses want to support an analog telephone system infrastructure when they can unify their communication needs through their computer and internet connection? It is less costly to support one infrastructure than two, which is one reason the industry is moving to digital VoIP.

VoIP phone system provider in Pinellas County FL.

Clearwater’s experienced VoIP phone system provider!

How Reliable Are VoIP Phone Systems?

Many ask if the Hosted VoIP phone systems are as reliable as the traditional analog system. The answer is not simple. An analog system works when the power is off. A VoIP system will go down when your computers and internet are down. Read More >

Are There Different VoIP Phone Systems?

The telephones utilized in VoIP phone systems are like little computers and are connected to the internet with Cat 5 or Ethernet cable. It is remarkable how they can be programmed and what they can accomplish for a business. These telephones come in various price ranges. Some of the big names like Cisco, NEC, Samsung can be very pricey and really offer no real advantage over the other lesser known brands like Polycom, GrandStream, Yealink all good reliable phones. Read More >

What Is The Best Business Phone System?

We know that the best business phone system for your company comes from you. We need information about what kind of calls are coming into and going out of each location, number staff members working there now as well as expected call flow in upcoming months with new growth plans if any? Please tell us how these changes can affect current staff members too!

Share with us the features you love on your existing phone system and ones that could be improved with upgraded telephone technology. Let’s also talk about any negatives, like poor performance, limited features, audio quality or call drops that you might be having. Our job is to recommend to your company the best business phone system, enhanced with ongoing phone technology, that could increase your telephone service performance.

Have additional questions about our business phone systems? Please call one of our customer service representatives or learn more at our business phone system FAQs .

Business Phone Service

How Can Business VoIP Solutions help your business?

As one of Tampa Bay’s leading VoIP business phone service providers, our VoIP Solutions bring together multiple services to one platform that covers everything from voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone service for business, conferencing capabilities and eFax solutions.

Do I need to Purchase New Phones to Move Our Service?

Not necessarily! We offer business phone systems to suit all needs. We have an extensive selection of telephones and related equipment that allows us the flexibility for any type telephone solutions your company might need. You can purchase the phone system outright or go with our Cloud 9 Package.

If you have an existing VoIP Phone system that you recently purchased or one you just love, our technicians will need to confirm that your VoIP Phone System or current provider’s technology isn’t locked. Most brands of IP phones are compatible with ours. We would advise of any issue with your existing phones before moving forward in the process.

Our phone service is the perfect solution for any business seeking enhanced up to date system features, as well as the possibility of reducing their communications costs!

Secure Business VoIP Service

We’re here to protect you and your communications. We transmit information securely, across a high-resolution network with layer authentication for maximum protection of both voice traffic as well as data packets so that nothing will go wrong during transmission!

We understand how important it is when dealing with sensitive business information or personal conversations on IP networks – which is why we make sure to use only certified technicians who also have a technical understanding in IT security matters.

How Much Does Business Phone Service Cost?

Imagine the freedom of having your own business phone service, tailored just for you! Our Monthly Hosted Phone Service is a great way to get high-quality communication that’s always available and fits into any budget. We don’t force you into a “one price for everyone” package!

To accurately quote your company affordable, personalized phone service pricing,  we take into consideration a few things. Do you own the phones or are a Cloud 9 Customer, quantity of phones, anticipated monthly usage, additional business line (s), toll-free numbers, active lines for fax, eFaxing, conference rooms or specific departments. Our company offers a no obligation quote on all of our phone services.

Your office staff will love our VoIP Phone Service.

Join MetroConnect for the best business phone service in Tampa Bay! Call today to learn more.

What Are The Services MetroConnect Provides?

  • Your Facilitator – We are a business VoIP provider that provides expert guidance from start to finish and beyond.

  • Your Phone Carrier – Unlike many VoIP providers, we own our switches and don’t rely on a third party and that means we are more responsive should issues arise.
  • Your Equipment Provider – We are a telecommunications equipment supplier  and phone provider with multiple brands of IP telephones, desk phones, cordless phones or wall mounted phones to choose from to fit your corporate needs.

  • Your System Designer – Customized phone system that includes all the advanced features your company requires plus introduces new features your company may benefit from.

  • Your Technical Support – VoIP phone systems work on the internet and your network…it makes sense to have technicians with an IT certified training background installing and supporting the system. Uniquely qualified.

  • Your End-User Support – No overseas support for our customers.  We are a telephone service provider headquartered in Clearwater, FL. Our staff is ready to assist you in maximizing your phone system’s capabilities.

  • Unlimited Incoming LinesThe days of the busy signal are gone.  With one business phone number, your company can receive unlimited incoming calls. Our technicians will program your system’s virtual receptionist to provide advanced features for the call routing to be directed to specific departments. If representative is unavailable to answer the call then goes directly to their voice mail or to preset call forwarding number. Every call is important to your business.

  • Standard Features – Conference Calls, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Call Transfer, Call Park and many more advanced features.

  • Business Phone Number – We handle the porting of your existing business phone numbers, acquiring new Local Phone Numbers, Toll Free Number, Vanity Phone Numbers, faxing or eFax phone number.

2021’s Line of New Phone Systems


I just wanted to say that without Russ involved in our recent move and fiasco with Spectrum we would probable still not have our phone systems in order to get back to our daily business. He is to be commended for his integrity to you company and is a great asset. He was available from beginning to the end even though the errors where not due to MetroConnect’s phone systems he stayed involved until the job was done and was very instrumental with helping Spectrum solve their issues.
Thanks again.
Lisa Sermons, E*Star Electric, Inc.
My thanks for all that MetroConnect has done for Wright’s over the past year. What began in August 2015 as a temporary project to help us transition to a new in-house phone system during our renovation has now provided us service for nearly a year.

Before we went live in November 2015, MetroConnect worked diligently to tailor its VOIP phone system to simulate the functionality of our previous on-premise phone system. And except for the few features that no VOIP system offers (e.g. meet me pages, general chimes), MetroConnect succeeded. (We subsequently learned that some of those “have to haves” weren’t)
Given all that your company has provided over the past year, I am pleased to recommend MetroConnect to others for VOIP phone service.

MetroConnect is a locally owned company in Pinellas County that services businesses all over the bay area.  What is special about MetroConnect is that the owners are the people you get to talk to, so if you have a question, a concern or an issue – they are ones taking care of you, not some call center.

Both Mike Farrell and Eric Plummer have been generous with their time and expertise to make sure that we got the products and services we need to be successful.  I highly recommend MetroConnect and have done so.

Teresa Williams PA, Teresa P. Williams PA

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