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COVID -19 UPDATE……To our Valued Customers,  MetroConnect is following recommended guidelines by the CDC and the State of Florida to protect our staff and customers.   We have staff set up remotely to handle your telephone questions, concerns and provide telephone service during normal business hours.

Existing Client that Require Service – Please continue to follow the normal service protocol by calling our office at 727-400-3171 or going to our website, click the “Client Support” link on the top menu, right hand side to start a service ticket.

New Customers – We are here to answer any of your questions.  Please feel free to contact us at  727-400-3171 or via email at sales@mymetroconnect.com.

Updates to MetroConnect’s service hours or protocol will be posted on our website.  Stay Healthy Everyone!

Make The Switch To A Hosted VoIP Business Telephone System & Service

The world is going VoIP at lighting speed!  It truly is the future of telecommunications. Your company will benefit from embracing this proven cutting edge technology for your business telephone system.  MetroConnect, a telephone service provider located in Clearwater, FL will perform a suitability and technology evaluation for your company in addition to presenting the newest telecommunication equipment, rich with multiple features. 

Key reasons why this technology is being embraced by so many businesses


Compare the cost!

Drastically reduce your phone bill over traditional phone systems!


Portability of the system.

Imagine, wherever there is internet, you can have your phone.


Improved Quality Systems

Improved bandwidth, better IP phones, Routers, Switches brings clarity and reliability.


Additional features

Your IP phone is like a computer and it can be programmed with many features.

MetroConnect The Experienced VoIP Telephone Service Provider!

What Is The Difference Between Phone Systems?

There are really two types of phone systems, an analog system which most people think of as the traditional landline system utilizing copper wire that the telephone company brings up to your house or office. Then you have the modern system that is a VoIP Phone Systems utilizing your internet connection. The technology that makes this work is called  VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.

In essence VoIP digitizes the sound and sends it out over the internet and when it gets to the recipient turns the digitized data in a voice. Most believe that VoIP is the future of telecommunications. Why would businesses want to support an analog telephone system infrastructure when they can unify their communication needs through their computer and internet connection? It is less costly to support one infrastructure than two, which is one reason the industry is moving to digital VoIP.

How Reliable Are VoIP Phone Systems?

Many ask if the Hosted VoIP phone systems are as reliable as the traditional analog system. The answer is not simple. An analog system works when the power is off. A VoIP system will go down when your computers and internet are down.  Read More >

Are There Different VoIP Phone Systems?

The telephones utilized in VoIP phone systems are like little computers and are connected to the internet with Cat 5 or Ethernet cable. It is remarkable how they can be programmed and what they can accomplish for a business. These telephones come in various price ranges. Some of the big names like Cisco, NEC, Samsung can be very pricey and really offer no real advantage over the other lesser known brands like Polycom, GrandStream, Yealink all good reliable phones.    Read More >

Telecommuting Made Easy With MetroConnect

One role of management is, Corporate Planning, and trying to anticipate what unforeseen challenges may affect their business. Not an easy task as demonstrated by this pandemic.  As a result, they establish policies and procedures for rapid response time.  Most companies were not prepared for a swift moving pandemic to sweep our country causing Federal and State government with guidance from health experts and the Center for Disease Control to shut down non-essential business for an extended period.  Additionally, placing social distancing restriction on business determined to be essential. Many employees worked tirelessly to bring the work environment out of the office and into their employee’s homes thus allowing many Americans to continue working and receiving a paycheck. Some employers for various reasons have expressed a desire to downsize their office space and continue having a percentage of staff telecommuting.  There are many things we have learned from this experience which will help us prepare for future events such as hurricane season.  One positive many of MetroConnects’ Hosted VoIP Telephone System customers experienced was its flexibility, its’ portability.  Customers experienced firsthand the knowledge on how adaptable our business phone system was at a time of need.  When it was time, they carried home their office phone, contact a MetroConnect technicians to update their 911 information and enable remote use.  With a  few minor adjustments they were ready for business.  Your remote office can be local, anywhere in your state or a location out of state. Tell us what you need and we will make it happen.

Our technicians continued to support and be available during this “Isolation” for questions, support or adjustments.  Contact MetroConnect to discuss how we can help your office alleviate any communication obstacles for telecommuting or in exceptional times of need.

Need to set up remote offices for your employees? MetroConnect will handle your communications needs!

MetroConnect wants to learn about your company's communication flow to build the perfect system.

Our team consults with your company to design, then customizing a business phone system specifically for your corporate needs.

Services MetroConnect Provides to it’s Customers

  • Your Facilatator – MetroConnect is a telephone company. We provide expert guidance from start to finish and beyond.

  • Your Phone Carrier – Unlike many VoIP providers, we own our switches and don’t rely on a third party and that means we are more responsive should issues arise.
  • Your Equipment Provider – MetroConnect is also a telecommunications equipment supplier with multiple brands of IP telephones to choose from to fit your corporate needs.

  • Your System Designer – MetroConnect customizes their phone systems to your corporate requirements.
  • Your Technical Support – VoIP phone systems work on the internet and your network…it makes sense to have technicians with an IT background installing and supporting the system. Uniquely qualified.
  • Your End-User Support – No overseas support for our customers.  MetroConnect is a telephone service provider headquartered in Clearwater, FL.  Our staff  is ready to assist you in maximizing your phone system’s capabilities.

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MetroConnect’s  Line of Business Phone Systems

MetroConnect’s Testimonial

I just wanted to say that without Russ involved in our recent move and fiasco with Spectrum we would probable still not have our phone systems in order to get back to our daily business. He is to be commended for his integrity to you company and is a great asset. He was available from beginning to the end even though the errors where not due to MetroConnect’s phone systems he stayed involved until the job was done and was very instrumental with helping Spectrum solve their issues.
Thanks again.
Lisa Sermons, E*Star Electric, Inc.
My thanks for all that MetroConnect has done for Wright’s over the past year. What began in August 2015 as a temporary project to help us transition to a new in-house phone system during our renovation has now provided us service for nearly a year.

Before we went live in November 2015, MetroConnect worked diligently to tailor its VOIP phone system to simulate the functionality of our previous on-premise phone system. And except for the few features that no VOIP system offers (e.g. meet me pages, general chimes), MetroConnect succeeded. (We subsequently learned that some of those “have to haves” weren’t)
Given all that your company has provided over the past year, I am pleased to recommend MetroConnect to others for VOIP phone service.

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