VoIP Phone System

How Reliable is a VoIP Phone system?

continued from page 1:    Reliable VoIP phone systems are connected to a battery back-up system that does provide temporary power to run your phones when the electricity goes down. Depending on the size of the telephone system, that could be 60-90 minutes of telephone time after the power goes out. Many system designers like to employ POE switches which assist in bringing power to the phones. This switch eliminates the typical power pack that comes with the phone and as a result reduces wire. Keeping wiring clean and simple is always a good thing. Additionally, the POE helps assists in distributing power from the UPS battery back-up system. (POE-Power over Ethernet).  Reliability with a VoIP system is as good as your internet connection. Do you have a solid internet connection? How often is your internet down in a year? Likely, not very often. Many VoIP providers provide an alternative when power is down for an extended period of time. For example; Incoming calls to the Data Center Switch for your system can be routed to a designated employee’s smart phone, so you can still function as a business to a given extent. If power is down in a community you have to ask yourself if businesses are operating or closed. What other hardware helps create reliability.

The number of telephones at a business can be a determining factor as to the type of firewall or router that the system would require. When a system is designed, the designer is looking at the amount of bandwidth that comes in to the office via the internet connection and how that is utilized by the office computers and the hosted telephone system simultaneously. In simple terms how much bandwidth is required to operate all the phones at that same time as well as employees utilizing the internet connection? A good firewall/ router can be programmed to distribute bandwidth efficiently and keep sound quality and connections at a high level.

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