Is The Remote Office Here To Stay?

The rise in popularity of remote offices has taken a huge leap in the last year. It has made life safer for employees and employers without giving up efficiency.   The start of the Covid-19 Pandemic in early 2020 necessitated a massive shift from corporate office to remote employee home office.   New protocols were implemented for procurement, protection and distribution of client and corporate data.

Adjustments were made to corporate communications along with increased security measures for home internet users.  MetroConnect’s clients were able to avoid a large majority of this work and expense to their telecommunications network. MetroConnect is headquartered in a geographical area of the country that experiences hurricane season along with damaging lightning strikes. Our technicians are prepared in the case of severe weather conditions to get your communications up and running with little or no down time. Having said that, our technicians were ready when the pandemic hit.  They swiftly implemented the portability aspect of our product and services.   MetroConnect’s phone systems provided the flexibility for our clients to be able to pick up their office phone, take them home and plug in. During this time period office calls were forwarded to cell phones and a copy of voice messages were sent via email to the chosen recipient, never missing an important call.   Our technicians, already positioned for working remotely were then able to make the behind-the-scenes adjustments, update the E911 locations, enable remote use and test all areas of the business phone system for connectivity, security and clarity for each corporate employee.  Customers noted the quality of hearing a voice clearly versus the voice garbled or voice loss from employees using their cell phones was most impressive. If you didn’t know the employees were working from a remote office, it would appear that all systems were normal.

Our clients notice how adaptable our phone system performed with many indicating that they plan to continue with at least a percent of their employees as remote workers full time or part time.  With our phone systems your remote office can be local, statewide or anywhere in the continental US that has internet coverage.

If you are interested in learning how our business phone systems and services can assist your company with remote office setup or telecommuting design structure, please contact our office to discuss.