Frequently Asked Questions about MetroConnect’s Business Phone Systems and Service

Remote Workers can they connect to their office phone?2020-08-28T13:20:35-04:00

Remote workers love the portability of  MetroConnect’s Telephone Systems, so the answer is yes.  Portability is one of the primary features included in MetroConnects’ phone system add that with our knowledgeable technicians, thus allowing us to make your requests happen.  Your office workers and your remote workers each simultaneously utilizing the same system while projecting a united professional appearance.  We ask that you alert us of any upcoming movement of phones whenever possible. When the times arrives for our clients to work remotely they just bring their office phone to their new location.  They then contact a MetroConnect technician to update their 911 information and enable remote use.  With a  few minor adjustments they are ready for business.  Your remote office can be local, state wide or out of state, anywhere you have secure internet. Tell us what you need and we will make it happen.

Mobile Workers Can Benefit From Our Phone System

With MetroConnect’s powerful phone system we can also accommodate Mobile Workers too.  If you have employees that mostly work on the go instead of working physically at the office,  they can be included in the business phone system.  An extension would be set up for each mobile worker that calls can be forward to by the receptionist or if setup on the system, your Interactive Auto-Attendant.  Interactive Auto Attendant (IVR) is an answering system programmed to your system to direct incoming callers to their destinations using a simple push button menu.  The call answered either way would appear to the caller as a normal transfer to recipients extension. They would not know that the call has left the physical office and been sent to the recipients cell phone. If the recipient can not receive the call, the caller can leave a message which will be forwarded to a designated email address for the recipient to view.

If your employees are remote workers, mobile workers or office workers, MetroConnect wants to make sure they are not missing that important phone call.

Florida Hurricane Season – What Happens To My Business Phone Calls?2020-07-21T16:11:47-04:00

Working in the south, it is always wise to be prepared for dreaded hurricanes and tropical storms.  As a business owner, we understand that you need to be prepare so that after the storm you can minimize your down time even if you need to setup temporary office space.

When you initially signed up for service with MetroConnect we asked for an emergency cell phone number just for times like this.  If you do not remember who’s cell number was given or would like to make a change,  please call the office 727-400-3171.  Depending on the severity of the storm and damage to our county, if we determine it will be a couple days with services down, we will forward your main office number to the designated cell phone.

You will also continue to receive your corporate voice messages via email.  Your company designated a voice message email recipient at the time of installation.  Every time a caller leaves a voice message on your telephone system the recipient receives an email containing an audio version of the message.  Knowing your staff’s plans for weathering the storm might make you want to reconsider who the recipient is.  Please call our office 727-400-3171 to make any change.

If your business unfortunately does receive damage from the storm, please know that MetroConnect will do our part to help get you up and running as soon as possible.  Contact our office to update us on your office recovery as it progresses 727-400-3171 or email us at:  support@mymetroconnect.com

During severe storms, MetroConnect posts updates to service alerts on the front page of their website:  www.mymetroconnect.com

Will I be able to retrieve my office voice messages when closed?2020-07-08T13:03:15-04:00

Yes you can!

MetroConnect configures every phone system system with the voice messages forwarded to a designated email address. If your company requires multiple email recipients, we can do that too. This way when a call comes in and the caller leave a voice message, it gets sent to every recipient’s email address. The email will include the voice recorded message from your caller that you can play back on any device you have your emails set up on.

How do you get additional phone numbers or vanity number?2020-07-21T16:30:01-04:00

Interested In Obtaining Additional Phone Numbers?

MetroConnect customers have the opportunity to request additional phone numbers for their business. Many businesses want to distinguish different marketing campaigns, separate department or direct numbers for additional facilities. We work with them to secure these numbers for short term or permanent use. We acquire those numbers for our clients then activate them and point per our client’s request. There is a charge to acquire and set up those numbers. Once activated, depending on how the numbers are being used the cost range can be a minimal monthly fee per number up to an monthly seat being added.


Vanity Phone Numbers

For our customers that want a Vanity Phone Number. We will work with them to try and secure a number for them. We would need to discuss what your idea vanity number might be and a few variations you are willing to accept. There is a charge to acquire, initial set up and then monthly usage.

Let’s discuss what your needs are, then we can pin point your exact costs. Please contact MetroConnect at 727-400-3171

What is The Cost Of MetroConnect’s Cloud 9 Program?2021-01-09T21:42:24-05:00

MetroConnect’s Cloud 9 Program is perfect for companies that want a brand- new full feature business telephone system with No Up Front Fees. Our Cloud 9 Program includes new telephones, POE Switch, Router (if necessary), Installation, Training and Porting of up to two phone numbers. Our technicians evaluate your currently used monthly minutes and suggest an appropriate phone package. Our Cloud 9 package does come with a reasonable contract which can be adjusted as your company grows or with reduction of phones if needed. All this, a new business telephone system custom designed to fit your corporate needs with no up front fees for the cost of your monthly hosting.

Contact MetroConnect to discuss your telecommuting needs and receive a quote for your business or call 727-400-3171

*Any cabling required will be quoted and billed separately.

Can we keep our company’s phone number if we switch to your service?2020-07-21T17:07:11-04:00

Yes, you certainly can keep your  current company’s phone number (s) when you move to our service.  When you sign on with MetroConnect’s hosted business phone service we will have you complete a Porting form and provide us with your latest telephone invoice. The Porting form gives permission for all the phone numbers associated with your corporate account to be transferred over to our service.  The transfer  process can take ten days to a month to complete.

What is the cost of a business phone system?2020-07-21T17:23:46-04:00

The cost for Telephone Systems and Services varies depending on your needs. MetroConnect offer our customers a few options for their telephone equipment and customize your monthly service charge based on your anticipated usage:

  1. You may purchase the phones and equipment out right. We then offer different monthly phone service packages to fit your business call volume.
  2. Sign up for our Cloud 9 Package. This package includes new telephones, POE Switch & Router (if necessary) * for the cost of just monthly service. So No Up Front Fees!
  3. Keep your existing phones and sign up for our telephone service package based on your normal monthly usage.

We would be more than happy to discuss any of the above options with you and supply pricing base on your corporate needs. Call our office at: 727-400-3171 or email us with your questions.

*Cabling (if necessary) not included in Cloud 9 Package.

Can you design my system to have all phones ring except in treatment rooms?2018-05-28T17:54:49-04:00

Yes, we certainly can design and program your inbound calls to ring on all phones except specifically designated ones, in your case the patient treatment rooms.  In our pre-installation meeting,  we will discuss with you the normal flow of your business calls and see where your new phone system can enhance your staffs productiveness. Once your phones are installed and your staff has becomes more familiar with the features,  we can review and tweak the call flow features for you.

Our company has multiple locations, would we be able to use your telephone system?2020-07-21T16:05:38-04:00

MetroConnect’s Telephone System would be perfect for your business. Your multiple locations would be able to share the same telephone system with endless combinations.  Our progressive telephone system also makes corporate growth a snap with additions or new remote locations easily integrated into the system.  Just let us know your particular needs and we will show you how we can accomplish it for you.

Why should I purchase from your company versus one I see advertised on the internet or TV?2020-07-21T15:26:57-04:00

Why MetroConnect’s Phone System vs Online Service

When you purchase a telephone system online or from a big box store, you are receiving phones with no initial set up, limited features and minimal customer and technical service. Your new MetroConnect’s telephones will be customized to your company’s needs. MetroConnect feels it is important that your company take advantage of the current technology so we program your multiple features before installation to make your system efficient and effortless for your staff.

We are local. We are here if you need us. Sometimes weather conditions can effect your phone service, land lines and VoIP. We are experiencing the same weather conditions as you and have been proactive in troubleshooting any potential problems.

Our staff is in the business of helping business embrace digital telephone technology. Our technical team members are IT trained and extremely knowledgeable about our hosted systems. We are use to technology equipment requiring updates to work efficiently and securely. Our tech’s are proactive with our phone systems to make sure your system is current and protective.

When purchasing from a Big Box Store – Most employees are very helpful with some knowledge about each product offered in their department but are not trained specifically about Hosted VoIP telephones systems. When you select MetroConnect for your Hosted Phone System provider we are available to answer your questions, recommend, design then program your custom phone features and provide expert technical support. We can comfortable say we are with you from inception and beyond.

I have heard that VoIP telephone systems’ sound is not as clear as a land line is that true?2020-07-08T12:55:14-04:00

 VoIP telephone systems provide the same sound clarity as your regular land line.  Please call our office and speak to our staff member.   Hear for yourself the clarity on our lines.  Our office  has been on a hosted VoIP Telephone System for the last 14 years. Call us from different phone extensions, devices and locations to test for yourself.

If the internet goes down what happens to my calls?2020-07-08T12:57:38-04:00

When you decide to have your corporate phone system hosted with MetroConnect, we prepare for all possible scenarios.  In addition to having your Voice Messages forward to an  individual or multiple email addresses, thus  allowing the audio to be heard over your cell phone. MetroConnect programs your system so that if the internet goes down for any reason for an extended period of time,  your calls will be forwarded to a pre-selected cell phone number.  At MetroConnect,  we want to minimize your business’ down time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

How Do We Get Started?
Call us, your questions are important. We understand that upgrading your business telephone system and service is a major corporate commitment. During our initial introduction to your company, we try to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about our hosted telephone systems and services. We want to learn about your corporate communication needs. The features you have with your existing system that you require along with features you would love to have.

MetroConnect’s Phone Systems Are Tailored To Your Needs
Our telephone systems are designed then customized to fit your company’s communication requirements. We welcome your questions and the discussions that follow to pinpointing your exact needs. MetroConnect will design your telephone system with your specific features in mind providing an efficient telephone system that allows for easy of use along with current technology and future expansion as your company grows.

Have more Questions?
Usually one answer leads to another question. We are here to answer all your questions so please don’t hesitate to contact us as many times as necessary. When selecting a new phone system for your business, every question is an important one therefore ask away. Please contact our office at 727-400-3171 , e-mail us or complete the To Request More Information or Request a Quote form and a staff member will respond to your question.

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