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Business Phone Systems

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or commonly called VoIP,  uses today’s technology to transmit telephone calls over your IP network also known as the internet.  In most cases our systems utilizes your existing internet connection via network cables and/or routers.  If the placement of your  IP phone has no internet connection we will suggest the installation of cable or if a wireless IP phone, a booster.

At MetroConnect we specifically design the phone system for your business.  We take the time to learn about what your company needs and expects from a business phone system.  We discuss your current call flow and routing of the calls, what you like about your existing system or specific features you wish your system had. We also go over features our system is capable of providing that could be useful to your company.

A team member will provide a quote to your company usually with a few options of phone systems and monthly phone service for your company to choose from.  MetroConnect takes care of the system installation, programming, training for your staff plus the porting of your existing phone numbers or acquiring a phone number if your company is just starting out.

Telephone Hardware

MetroConnect represents multiple IP Phone manufactures.  Depending on your business and telephone requirements we will suggest specific phones for your company.  We have attached links to the most common ones that we use but we are not limited to these manufacturers. If you have a specific brand of IP Phone that you prefer using just let us know and we will provide pricing and availability.  We also have had potential clients contact MetroConnect because their phone system is relatively new but they would like a new service provider.  We just ask that you provide us  with the manufacturer and/or model number.  We will then confirm that your phone is not locked and it is possible for MetroConnect to provide hosting phone services.

Grandstream IP Phones

IP Phone:
Conference Room Phone – Will Provide
Cordless IP Phone – Will Provide

Yealink IP Phones

IP Phones:

Cordless Phone:

Poli / Polycom IP Phones

IP Phones:
  • PC401
  • PC301
Will quote on latest model Poli IP Phones upon request.

Cisco IP Phones

IP Phone
Will quote on latest model Cisco IP Phones upon request.

Phone System Pricing

Up-Front Phone System Purchase

Prefer to purchase your phone system upfront? MetroConnect can help you decide on the perfect system for your business, equipped with the features you desire plus the technology required to keep it running smoothly.  After our initial discussion we might need to do an on-site visit to determine if additional cable will need to be run or not. Once the ideal phone equipment for your company has been decided,  MetroConnect will then present your company with a quote.  Our quote will consist of telephone equipment, programming,  installation of phone system and training of your staff.  We will also include a quote on our cost saving monthly hosting service plan specifically designed for your phone system and expected call flow.

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Cloud 9 Phone Systems Package

MetroConnect’s Cloud 9 Package comes with NO up-front costs.  Our Cloud 9 Packages includes:

  • Phones – Quantity Requested For Your Company
  • PoE Switch
  • Router – If Needed
  • Installation
  • Programing Of New Phone System
  • Training For Your Staff

All for the cost of monthly hosting phone service. Our customers are thrilled with the Cloud 9 Package.  Perfect for new business just launching or existing  small to medium sized business ready to upgrade without the sizeable expense. To learn more about MetroConnect’s Cloud 9 either contact our office  at 727-400-3171 or

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