Are there different VoIP Phones Systems?

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Continued from Page 1:  Providers have preferences mostly based on how friendly they are to program and how user friendly they are to the customer. Price points on the phones are pretty similar.  Different types of companies sell VoIP phone systems. Some are simply resellers of other companies’ services.

There are also companies MetroConnect LLC included that own their own switches which are kept at secure Data Centers. These companies tend to bring additional value to the customer. Examples of this would be the ability to solve a switching issue more promptly, as a third party is not involved. They own the switch and have quick access to the switch at the Data Center. In addition, resellers typically must work within the confines of the configurations the provider offers. Companies that own their own switches have the ability to do more customization of the configurations the customer wants and needs. It may be more beneficial to work with a company that owns its own switches. The technicians in this type of firm tend to be more technical and IT savvy as well. VoIP phone system configurations tend to meld with the Information Technology needs of a business. Configuring VoIP phone systems tends to follow the methodology that IT technicians follow. We tend to like VoIP technicians that have IT backgrounds

In summary, a solid internet connection with good bandwidth under load, an excellent firewall or router, possibly a POE switch if deemed necessary, quality IP phones and a provider who tends to approach the system from an Information Technology standpoint rather than a telephone company view, and a company that owns its own switches all make for a well-designed, high quality, reliable VoIP telephone system.  This explanation of VoIP was intentionally written in lay person terms.  Although some statements may not be explained in a technically precise manner, the overall intent of the statement (s) provides the reader with an accurate concept of VoIP and what makes a system reliable. If one chooses to learn more about the technical side of VoIP please read our Wikipedia VoIP link or e-mail us with any questions.

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