Business Phone Service Clearwater FL2021-10-07T16:45:09-04:00

Business Phone Service Clearwater FL

Have you been searching for a phone service provider near Clearwater or the surrounding beach communities that delivers the best sound clarity, offers cost effective solutions and will grow as our business grows?

You’re not alone. Let us answer all of these questions so we can help your company find the perfect fit!

Hosted VoIP Phone Service

Have an existing VoIP Phone System that you like but need a new carrier? Most  brands of VoIP telephones, also know as IP Phones will work on MetroConnect’s system.  Let’s discuss your current problems, compare our Hosted Phone Service Packages then see how MetroConnect can provide you the service you expect from a phone company.

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Phone System Purchase

Prefer to purchase your phone system upfront? MetroConnect can help you decide on the perfect system for your business, equipped with the features you desire plus the technology required to keep it running smoothly. Our cost saving monthly hosting plan will be specifically designed for your phone system and expected call flow.

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Cloud 9 Phone Systems Package

MetroConnect’s Cloud 9 Package comes with NO up-front costs.  Phones, PoE Switch, Installation, Programing and Training included for the cost of monthly hosting. Our customers are thrilled with the Cloud 9 Package.  Perfect for new business just launching or existing  small – medium sized business in Clearwater.

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Phone service technician for your Clearwater business

MetroConnect’s technicians are local and ready to help your Clearwater business.

MetroConnect Business Telephone Service Clearwater FL

MetroConnect is the leader in VoIP phone systems. With our state-of-the art solution, you can rest easy knowing your voice will be transmitted and received with ease by any number of users on the other end! MetroConnect offers unparalleled customer care that lives up to its name–a metro connection at every turn for all our clients’ needs—whether they’re calling us or finalizing that important deal; we’ve got them covered!

Our  VoIP phone system operates in conjunction with your existing network and internet.  MetroConnect technicians are trained IT professionals which make them uniquely qualified to program, install your new phone system for your company as well as providing ongoing phone service.

Our technicians experience the same weather conditions as you so they can prepare for any situation and stay calm in order to get it stabilized under control quickly! Plus most service calls happen remotely which means an immediate fix is waiting right when needed.

MetroConnect LLC owns their own phone switches which means that if there’s ever a problem with the system, our technicians are able to diagnose and fix it on their end, not delayed waiting for third party involvement. This not only results in less down time for you as customer – giving us peace of mind knowing your network is being handled by experts!

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    Clearwater Business Phone Service Questions

    Do you have questions about phone systems and which one is right for your company?  MetroConnect has complied some frequently asked questions and provided the answers below.  If you do not find the answer to your question please contact us, 727-400-3171 or sales@mymetroconnect.com we will get you the answer.

    Vanity Phone Number – Are There Benefits In Having?2021-10-22T16:08:47-04:00

    Vanity Phone Number – Are There Benefits In Having?

    Yes!  Many companies have come to recognize their vanity phone number as a valuable company asset.

    How can your company benefit from a Vanity Phone Number?

    • Can increase your business’s visibility by word of mouth advertising.
    • Can help build your company’s brand.
    • Easy for customers to remember and recall.
    • Can be made a part of your company’s advertising plan.
    • Tells potential clients at a glance who you are.  Example 1-800-FLOWERS.
    • Vanity phone numbers provide your company with a professional finish and show your commitment to your product or service.

    Remember To Update!

    You decided on a vanity phone number.  Your purchased it and have had it ported over to your company’s phone service.  Now  you need to make your vanity number visible to everyone so lets start updating your number!

    Here are a few suggestions on where to start:

    • Website Contact Page

    • Website Heading

    • Website Footer

    • Social Media Accounts

    • Email Accounts

    • Community/Membership Association

      Chamber Of Commerce

      Networking Group

    • Google My Business

    • Google My Business

    • Bing For Business

    • Online Listings & Links

    • Advertising Digital or Print

    • Promotional Giveaway Items

    • Signage

      Business Location



    • All Printed Material

      Business Cards- Printed or Electronic

      Letterhead & Envelopes


      Invoices / Credit Memo’s



    Florida Hurricane Season – What Happens To My Business Phone Calls?2021-04-26T14:31:45-04:00
    Don't let your business be down because of the storms.

    Working in the south, it is always wise to be prepared for dreaded hurricanes and tropical storms.  As a business owner, we understand that you need to be prepare so that after the storm you can minimize your down time even if you need to setup temporary office space.

    When you initially signed up for service with MetroConnect we asked for an emergency cell phone number just for times like this.  If you do not remember who’s cell number was given or would like to make a change,  please call the office 727-400-3171.  Depending on the severity of the storm and damage to our county, if we determine it will be a couple days with services down, we will forward your main office number to the designated cell phone.

    You will also continue to receive your corporate voice messages via email.  Your company designated a voice message email recipient at the time of installation.  Every time a caller leaves a voice message on your telephone system the recipient receives an email containing an audio version of the message.  Knowing your staff’s plans for weathering the storm might make you want to reconsider who the recipient is.  Please call our office 727-400-3171 to make any change.

    If your business unfortunately does receive damage from the storm, please know that MetroConnect will do our part to help get you up and running as soon as possible.  Contact our office to update us on your office recovery as it progresses 727-400-3171 or email us at:  support@mymetroconnect.com

    During severe storms, MetroConnect posts updates to service alerts on the front page of their website:  www.mymetroconnect.com

    Will I be able to retrieve my office voice messages when closed?2020-07-08T13:03:15-04:00

    Yes you can!

    MetroConnect configures every phone system system with the voice messages forwarded to a designated email address. If your company requires multiple email recipients, we can do that too. This way when a call comes in and the caller leave a voice message, it gets sent to every recipient’s email address. The email will include the voice recorded message from your caller that you can play back on any device you have your emails set up on.

    Phone numbers or vanity number?2021-07-30T12:31:29-04:00

    Local or Toll Free Phone Numbers

    Purchase Phone Numbers? Ever wanted to give your business a more personal touch? Phone numbers are the way to go. We have just what you need–unique, identifiable phone numbers that’ll make it easy for customers and clients alike to remember how they can reach out when they want or need something from your company!

    Do you want to add phone numbers so your business can distinguish different marketing campaigns, direct departmental lines for additional facilities or provide toll free calling for your customers? We work with clients who need these numbers. Once we acquire them for our client’s use, then activate the number according to their request.

    Vanity Number Search

    With the help of our experienced specialists, we will search for your ideal vanity number combination. Your Vanity Phone Number is an important part of a well-rounded business plan and can really set you apart from competitors in this field. Call us today to get started!

    Can we keep our company’s phone number if we switch to your service?2021-04-26T14:37:28-04:00

    Yes, you certainly can keep your  current company’s phone number (s) when you move to our service.  When you sign on with MetroConnect’s hosted business phone service we will have you complete a Porting form and provide us with your latest telephone invoice. The Porting form gives permission for all the phone numbers associated with your corporate account to be transferred over to our service.  The transfer  process can take ten days to a month to complete.

    What is the cost of a business phone system?2021-07-20T22:47:22-04:00

    The cost for Telephone Systems and Services varies depending on your needs. MetroConnect offer our customers a few options for their telephone equipment and customize your monthly service charge based on your anticipated usage:

    1. You may purchase the phones and equipment out right. We then offer different monthly phone service packages to fit your business call volume.
    2. Sign up for our Cloud 9 Package. This package includes new telephones, POE Switch & Router (if necessary) * for the cost of just monthly service. So No Up Front Fees!
    3. Keep your existing phones and sign up for our telephone service package based on your normal monthly usage.

    We would be more than happy to discuss any of the above options with you and supply pricing base on your corporate needs. Call our office at: 727-400-3171 or email us with your questions.

    *Cabling (if necessary) not included in Cloud 9 Package.

    Our company has multiple locations, would we be able to use your telephone system?2020-07-21T16:05:38-04:00

    MetroConnect’s Telephone System would be perfect for your business. Your multiple locations would be able to share the same telephone system with endless combinations.  Our progressive telephone system also makes corporate growth a snap with additions or new remote locations easily integrated into the system.  Just let us know your particular needs and we will show you how we can accomplish it for you.

    I have heard that VoIP telephone systems’ sound is not as clear as a land line is that true?2021-10-26T13:49:26-04:00

     VoIP telephone systems provide the same sound clarity as your regular land line.  Please call our office and speak to our staff member.   Hear for yourself the clarity on our lines.  Our office  has been on a hosted VoIP Telephone System for the last 14 years. Call us from different phone extensions, devices and locations to test for yourself.

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